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A digital book club community of thriving and growing entrepreneurs


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Start Reading to Grow Your Business and Improve Your Life!  I'll Show You How.


A commitment to my reading changed my life and business and I recognized many people needed a community for support and accountability...


You will have the opportunity to not just invest in your learning but share in the journey with our incredible tribe of REAL entrepreneurs. We'll do a Web Class on the book of that month at the end of the month and talk about ways we can implement what we've learned into our businesses and lives for immediate impact.


In this community, we cover books on:

  • How to grow your revenues to accomplish financial freedom
  • How to improve your mindset to overcome mental barriers
  • Resources and advice from the most influential names on the planet
  • My personal guidance along the path to victory 
  • One web class per month to review the materials with actionable insights


What My Clients Are Saying

I'm on page 28 and I'm so amazed I am already seeing the stuff I can cut out and transform. I need to get super clear on my definite purpose so I can place focus on where it matters most for me.

Thank you Chris Michael Harris for sharing your story and information with this community! We know we were led to you and Kimberly Ann Jimenez-Harris tribe for more reasons than one.

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Yes, Add Morning Rituals Workshop $19 (One Time Payment)

1-TIME OFFER: Get INSTANT ACCESS to our Growth Hacker Elite  - You get...

  • How to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.
  • Tracking your body metrics to ensure optimal rest has been attained.
  • Medititaive practices I use to visuaolize and prime the brain for the upcoming day.
  • PLUS a breakdown of how I go through every part of my morning.

It's everything you need to know how to reach your peak morning performance and stop relying on over-caffeinating yourself to feel alive and motivated. Value: $99 - Right NOW Only $19! (We don't sell this program separately anywhere else on the site). 

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